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Bell Farms was established over 30 years ago. Rabbiteye blueberries were soon planted on the farm. They are known for their many health benefits including fiber, vitamin C, and high antioxidants. Where do these blueberries get the name Rabbiteye?

When the Rabbiteye blueberry begins to ripen it turns from green to a pinkish red before turning to blue. This pink color resembles the eye of a rabbit!


Rabbiteye blueberries are also broken down into different varieties that each have unique characteristics. Each of our three wines is made from a different variety of Rabbiteye blueberries. But how did we get into the wine business?


Owner/Wine Maker Rusty Bell's grandfather made many fruit wines as a hobby. Rusty continued that tradition for the past decade or two with blueberries. After years of praise from family and friends, we decided to open up our own winery and sell it!

Through lots of testing and tasting we've established our three blueberry wines. Each wine takes at least 2 pounds of blueberries for each bottle! We hope everyone can find one they enjoy!

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